Saltvik’s environmental and sustainability efforts

The environment is important to us at Saltviks Camping. That’s why we’re always working to be as good as we can at reducing our impact on the environment.

  • We encourage our guests to recycle as much as possible by having containers from PantaMera (recycling for cans and PET bottles) set up in several places around the area. The money from these is sent to the Children’s Cancer Foundation.
  • At the campsite there are 2 waste sorting stations with containers for cardboard, plastic, metal, newspapers, glass, cans and PET bottles.
  • The whole facility is equipped with low energy lighting.
  • We do as much of our transport as possible on foot or by bike around the campsite.
  • We use environmentally-approved cleaning products.
  • We work actively to reduce food waste and sort all the packaging for recycling from our restaurant and shop.