Working out

Beach workouts

Start the day in the best way – with sweat, laughter and endorphins!We do high-intensity training mixed with mobility training to a soundtrack of nice music.Elin holds the sessions but is not a qualified PT, but she has a burning passion for OCR – Obstacle Course Races so don’t be surprised if you see oil drums, tyres or anything similar.The session is suitable for everyone. Recommended age from 11 upwards. Take your own water bottle and towel.


Hang out with a bunch of happy fitness lovers and discover new trails in the local area. The session mostly consists of running, but sometimes there could be one or two bodyweight exercises, and we also use nature as equipment. Saltviksbussen also delivers kettlebells to certain places. We’ll meet at a predetermined place.


We’ll jog together in groups on the cliffs, in the fantastic Tjurpannan nature reserve.Along the way, we’ll stop and do simple exercises such as sit-ups, squats and push-ups.Suitable for most people, the distance we run is about 5 km. Meet at reception.