Macke Club

At our Kids Club, Macke Club, we get up to various mischief and activities several times a week. Do you like making crafts, going on treasure hunts, competing in 5-a-side matches, playing ball games and beach games, etc.? Then you need to keep an eye on our event calendar to see when the various activities are taking place.

Macke Club began in the spring of 2015, when out of the blue, a happy, playful mackerel appeared in the bay – he enjoyed himself so much in Saltvik that he made a home for himself in our little house by the beach. He thinks all the kids should be there when the weather’s bad, any other time he prefers playing outside. Macke loves swimming – so keep an eye out in the sea.

Swim like a fish and run with your feet – see you! // Macke Mackerel